In every training session at Northwest Austin ATA, we focus on a different life skill. Students are asked to complete a mini project on the current life skill in order to earn permission to test for their next rank. This past session we studied “Respect” which is “not what you know, it’s what you DO”. […]

3 Ways Martial Arts Helps Children with ADHD

preschool martial arts classes in austin

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that can disrupt the everyday life of those with the condition. People with ADHD have trouble focusing on one task for a long period of time, switching from one activity to another, or resisting temptations. This often leads to difficulties in school, at work, and […]

Taekwondo Jokes

Humor is a fantastic tool to help develop connections, ease tensions, and … used responsibly … to initiate positive interactions with others.  This week, when you are meeting a potential new friend or acquaintance, make eye contact – ask them if they’d like to hear a joke – and share one of these great martial […]

How to tie your belt

At the beginning of your martial arts journey, you are bound to have questions, but “How do I tie my belt?” should not be one of them. In this video, the staff of Northwest Austin ATA Martial Arts walk you through step-by-step how to tie a taekwondo belt on yourself. For parents, we show you how […]